A la carte or order our chef’s sampler board to have a complete array of select accoutrement.  Chef’s samplers are served with house made beer mustard and chef’s selection of pickled vegetables, olives, sliced bread, berry compote, nuts, fresh and dried fruits.  Our selections offer the best of domestic and international meats and cheese and change frequently.

Sample Selections:

Prosciutto Di Parma

Italian dry-cured ham

Wild Boar Salami

Aged boar with wine and herbs

Iberico Jamon

Acorn fed free range pig


Dry aged beef with white truffle oil


Spicy smoked salami

Triple Milk Blue

Goat, cow, & sheep blue cheese

Red Dragon

Sharp cheddar with ale and whole grain mustard


Soft Italian cheese

Tomini Sott’Olio

Mild white cheese marinated with Olive Oil and fresh herbs